Episode 27: Adventures in Statistics – An Interview with Paul Johnson

In this Episode, statistician and population geneticist Paul Johnson (@PaulCDJo) of the University of Glasgow tells Shaun Killen (@shaunkillen) about his unusual career route into academics, how he fell in love with stats, and what he wishes more biologists would understand about statistical analyses. Paul has rare gift for clearly explaining complex concepts so it’s […]

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Stress is cool: The Movie

Stress is cool: The Movie Stress is cool! Earlier this year we brought you a blog post by Dr Ruedi Nager on how to measure animal stress remotely using thermal imaging, and long listening Naturally Speakers may remember our 2012 podcast with Dr Dominic McCafferty. However, our friends at theGIST thought this distinctly visual research […]

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Episode 26 – Infected by the science bug: from fungal frogs to badger culls

Infected by the science bug: from fungal frogs to badger culls ­ Scientists tend to be nosy, curious, and can’t help themselves asking “why?” … At least those are the character traits Dr Jon Bielby thinks drew him inexorably towards the world of science. A Research Fellow at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), Jon […]

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Wild dogs of the Serengeti

When conserving wildlife species, re-introductions are just the beginning of the process. The question is, how do you ensure the species long-term sustainability? This is a challenge faced by the Serengeti Painted Wolves, a collaboration between the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute and our own Institute. In this post the project members describe their conservation work with […]

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The wider conversation

The wider conversation Naturally Speaking is a popular route for science communication in the Institute, but it is far from our only one. Across the Institute, staff and students work with various media outlets and platforms to bring their fascinating research to the wider public. This week we have decided to let our researchers off […]

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Episode 24 – Ian Ramsey vs. canine Cushing’s disease

In our College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences we have a brilliant and diverse group of veterinary researchers who split their time between dealing with disease and duelling with data. Among them is Ian Ramsey, Professor of Small Animal Medicine at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Associate Academic of the Institute. Primarily a vet, Ian’s research has […]

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